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Lesson Age Groups

Lessons for everyone + all ages.

Infants, children & Adults because it's never too early or too later to learn life-saving water safety skills.

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Infants (3months - 2)


Research indicates that early exposure to water offers numerous benefits for babies, fostering:

• Motor skills

• Cognitive development

• Social and emotional growth

• Muscle strength, balance, and coordination

Many parents find that early swim lessons can lead to earlier walking and talking, but always consider your baby's abilities and limitations before starting lessons. We'll be here when the time is right!

Children (2-16)


Prioritizing your child's safety, we equip them with essential water skills and good habits, ensuring their confidence and well-being in the water. Additional advantages include:

• Enjoyable outdoor physical activity

• Effective energy expenditure

• Strengthening family bonds

• Enhanced social and motor skills

• Introduction to competitive swimming, water polo, or artistic synchronized swimming.


Remember, practice is key to achieving optimal safety results outside of lessons.

Adults (16+)

When you think about swimming - are you relaxed and calm?  Or does incite anxiety?  Let’s change that. 

At Any Age Swim Academy offers a variety of classes for different athletic levels and sports needs. Improve your technique for more efficient strokes, prepare for a triathlon, or get low impact exercise!


Knowing How to Swim is Important

Did you know. . .?

There are MANY swim activities and ways to be water safe . . . without going under!

Also - consider this. . .

Imagine knowing you have the skills and confidence to jump in and rescue a child - your own or someone else’s.


 During adult lessons, you’ll learn baby rescue and treading water with additional weight. 

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