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Ready to Dive In?
Swim Lessons for All Ages in Your Backyard!


Your Gateway to Water Confidence

  • Lessons that travel to you

  • Available for Infants to Adults

  • Special Needs Friendly

  • Focus on Self Rescue Skills

  • Stroke Development

Fun for Kids, Focused on Water Safety and Self Rescue Skills


At Any Age Swim Academy provides the best possible swimming instruction to people of any age, from infants and toddlers to teens, adults and even those. with special needs. 


We bring the lessons to you! Our instructors are dedicated to prioritizing water safety and self rescues skills at your pace. Stroke enhancement and swim team prep also available!


Join us and start learning to swim today!

What makes us different?

Every lesson is tailored to the student's abilities and comfort. We believe that every student should have access to all the skills they could learn, and shouldn’t be held back by a level system. Back floats can be particularly tough for beginner swimmers, but that doesn't mean we can't learn to tread water or safely return to the pool edge while we figure out the float.

We also take the time to build a bond of trust. We all want results, but all teachers are trained to take the first sessions slow so that when it's time to do something tricky, we have a foundation of trust.

Every teacher is trained to teach using the At Any Age Swim Academy methods.

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Casey Barrett Founder and CEO of Imagine Swimming in NYC

“For years, Kyra was one of Imagine Swimming's star instructors in New York City. She taught countless children to swim with her patience and warmth - and all-around aquatic expertise. Las Vegas families - you're lucky to have this truly world-class swim teacher in your community!”

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